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Stories and Projects
Economy Nobel-Prize winners Agência Estado invited one of the greatest global experts in Economics to debate with the former Brazilian Minister of Finance, Delfim Neto, the perspectives for resumed economic growth after the global crisis in 2008-2009, which shook the American economy and triggered the stagnation process in many European countries.

Technical Visit of the UNDP Team – The United Nations Development Program – for the Reduction of CFCs In order to abide by the requirements of the Montreal Protocol, which establishes a deadline for the elimination of CFCs – chlorofluorocarbon gases – from air conditioning equipment and similar components, the United Nations Development Program – UNDP – made significant contributions to the Ministry of Environment of the Brazilian government with the purpose of implementing programs of gradual reduction of greenhouse gases, which are harmful to the ozone layer. During the UNDP tour to verify the results of the investment, a committee of experts from the UN agency visited several buildings which will act as a benchmark for the adoption of CFC elimination projects. Adverbum tagged along with the expert committee during technical visits and meetings with the stakeholders, performing the simultaneous interpretation, supporting the communication flow and enabling a detailed assessment of the air conditioning facilities by the specialists.

Award season broadcasting live on TV with the Oscar’s, the Golden Globe’s, the Grammy’s, Emmy’s and much more! Celebrities, gala gowns, gossiping, interviews, glamour, designer collections, spoilers, emotional speeches…the celebration of the best of the best in the entertainment industry is translated and broadcast in Portuguese by our voice talents who keep the audience up to date with all details of these magnificent parties.

Clipping from the Brazilian newspaper ‘O Globo’ 10 > For Channels TNT and E! for their effort to broadcast live, with good simultaneous translation and participation of commentators, the main TV and Movie Awards, namely, the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and the Oscars. It is delightful for the fans to see their idols arriving live on the Red Carpet, receiving the trophies and expressing their gratitude.”

Ted Translators - Supporting the Great Ted Talks Event in Brazil! Support for the Ted Translators event at Ted Talks in Brazil!

Red TURTLE The magic of telling a story without saying a single word. Strokes, either vibrant or smoothly made, by the team of Japanese artists led by Michael Van Dudok, nominated for the Oscar Award as Best Short Movie in 2017 for his work in the movie Red Turtle. The artist is also the author of ‘Father and Daughter’, ‘The Monk and the Fish’, and the ‘The Aroma of Tea’, and is capable of delighting his audience in 5 precious minutes, which take years to be crafted.

Truck dumper As a component of the internal logistic system of a large pulp and paper industry, metal beams tilted by hydraulic cylinders operate as platforms which ‘dump’ wood chips from large trucks, pouring them into the hopper and the conveyor belt. Adverbum was part of this project since the bidding stage, supporting the client, Phelps Industries from the USA, in presenting his technical solution, winning the deal and providing language services during the installation of the equipment. The construction process included the development of local suppliers for the metal beams.

McKinsey Lean Academy at the Maria Elena mine in the Atacama desert, Chile AdVerbum team interprets the McKinsey Lean Academy at the Maria Elena mine in the Atacama desert, Chile. December 2014.

Tekelec - Oracle Exchange of information, data packages, telephone conversations with voice and video, streaming, digital media, instantaneous messages which facilitate our personal and professional life, and it never dawns on us the size of the infrastructure required to make it happen. Tekelec established its office in Brazil in 2001, bringing hardware and software technology for the Brazilian telecommunications sector. Adverbum translated most of its technical material to Portuguese, in addition to performing the simultaneous interpretation services during its Technical Seminars for carriers. In 2009, Oracle acquired Tekelec and became one of our clients.

ABRAS Think of a sector of the economy which is part of the day-to-day of all Brazilians from any city in the country or any social bracket. Even a small village enjoys the presence of small retailers, the large shop in the city main square, the commercial center where goods are traded to serve the needs of the town dwellers. The retail and supermarket sector is the most reliable economic thermometer that measures the purchasing power of the population. Adverbum has worked for ABRAS – The Brazilian Association of Supermarkets for many years, interpreting for industry experts, such as the owner of Walgreen’s and the CEO of Spar Group, Tobias Wasmuht.

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