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Simultaneous / Consecutive Interpretation N owadays knowledge is spread out at an amazing pace and the level of precision and transparency of your message will define how large is the share of your target audience that will capture and understand it. AdVerbum specializes in technical interpretation thanks to the background of our team, to the development of several technical glossaries for each industry and to the many years of experience in Congresses and Technical Training Programs.

Our simultaneous interpretation services aim at conveying your message accurately between speakers and audiences of different languages in events such as Congresses, Seminars, Videoconferences and Training Programs.

If translation services are needed during Technical Visits, Private Meetings, Audits and Interviews, the best option is consecutive interpretation, which maximizes the communication between people of different languages in situations where there is direct interpersonal interaction.

For best results, each event or project is carefully analyzed to determine which type of translation is the most appropriate. We then select the professionals who specialize in the language pair and in the theme of interest and conduct a detailed research on the area of focus.

Additionally, we may provide the right equipment needed for each modality of translation.
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+55 (11) 98111-2174 atendimento@adverbum.com.br
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